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Active Solutions

OUR strategy: manufacture error-free products, on time, at a fair price


Manufacturing and Product Development Company

Active Solutions CNC Manufacturing Company

 Active Solutions is a precision CNC mill machining company manufacturing world-class aerospace, defense, medical, commercial and industrial machine tooled parts. We have come to be known as the shop that can fix any problem and figure out how to machine the most difficult of jobs. With our top of the line equipment we can manufacture just about anything and with our two shift schedule all products reach their destination on time. 

Active Solutions utilizes three and four axis machines with +/- .0001 accuracy. 

Active Solutions can quickly respond to your requests for proposals to accommodate stringent requirements for:

  • Durable and rigorous aerospace parts
  • Highly reliable defense weapon systems
  • Precise tolerances required for medical components
  • Economical solutions for the industrial sectors
  • Fast products for the commercial industry
  • Any application requiring precision, on-time delivery 
  • and world-class customer support.

Active Solutions quality assurance program and management oversight conforms to MIL STD’s and other stringent requirements with the support of staff that are very experienced in the quality discipline and with the aid of key equipment. Our engineers work closely with our clients to achieve the best customer satisfaction on every order. "Quality over Quantity" is our motto and we do everything to uphold it. From program set-up to deburr and inspection, our production team is driven to exceed quality standards and deliver premium products on time every time. 

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Why Us?

Active Solutions’ focus and high standards for excellence in service and quality will always distance us from the competition. 

Our Mission

Active Solutions provides turnkey manufacturing  services to help bring technology to life through rapid CNC manufacturing, results-oriented project management, and a distinctive focus on customer satisfaction. 


Our Philosophy

It's not about being fast.
It's about being fast and accurate. 

Our Promise

QUALITY. RESULTS. GUARANTEED. These are the three words that describe not only the core values and focus of Active Solutions’ staff, but also the three qualities that we stand behind for all clients.